James Oliver Chapman is an author who enjoys traveling, writing, and walking his dog along the Pacific coast. While his life plans have dramatically changed since the events of his memoir occurred, he still hopes to live in Key West one day. Chapman currently resides in Venice Beach, California.

How To Lose Your Wife




 A family is torn apart in James Oliver Chapman’s emotional story, How to Lose Your Wife to Another Woman: A Memoir of a Mixed Orientation Marriage. James and his wife Molly have the kind of life others can only envy. With a precocious fourteen-year-old daughter, a gorgeous home, and a red-hot sex life, their  marriage of 16 years seems better than ever --until Molly reveals she has been secretly harboring a desire to act on an attraction to women. Eager to explore that part of her sexuality, she receives James’s permission to pursue sexual relationships with women—and soon encourages James to do the same. While at first liberating, the decision leads them on a dangerous path as Molly grapples with her sexuality and, following some disastrous hotel hookups, James finds himself in a downward spiral of depression and despair. When their daughter discovers evidence of her mother’s extracurricular activities, the whole charade falls apart. There are an estimated two to three million straight spouses in past or present marriages with a bisexual, lesbian or gay partner. How to Lose Your Wife to Another Woman offers an intimate look at a straight spouse living in a gay spouse’s closet; the secret world of sex parties, swinging and infidelity; and a man brought face to face with the limits of love, and the bitter pain of betrayal.  

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